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Posted: September 7, 2017
  ITS SEEDING SEASON AGAIN, CHECK OUT THE BRILLION TILL N SEED! BRILLION TILL N SEED is a widely diverse seeder that offers rugged durability for customers who are looking to seed turf fields, renovate pastures, restore athletic fields, reseed golf course fairways, inter-seed residential lawns and plant food plots.  Contractors have employed the patented technology of the Till N Seed to seed right of ways, water ways, and road side ditches.

Clean Sheet of Paper Design

TillNSeedA_270x202px.jpg There are numerous entries in the overseeding market.  However, many of these entries fall short for customers who are searching for a complete package.  Those are the parameters that the engineering staff had to work with when the Till N Seed was designed.  The foundation of the Till N Seed is the one-piece all welded steel frame. This frame supports the 3-rotor ground engaging seeding mechanism.  This frame also supports the metered seed boxes and the three range transmission.  Accurate and consistent seed placement is assured with a 6 foot seeding width.

User Friendly

Seeding rates are adjusted with micro-meter settings for each box. Down pressure on the tillage rotor is adjusted with an air shock located on the right side of the machine.  Seed depth is set with adjustable gauge wheels on either end of tillage rotor.  Seed is broadcast onto the soil as it is opened up by the rotors.  A cast iron pulverizer roller finishes the seeding operation by firming the seedbed.

Looking Closer

TillNSeedB_270x175.jpg The ground engaging seeding mechanism is very unique.  The star shaped blades on the stationary front drive rotor are overlapped by the blades on the air shock controlled tillage rotor.  This design makes these two rotors self-cleaning. The chain drive between these two rotors drives the tillage rotor at a 2:1 ratio.  The cast iron pulverizer roller is free to float to closely follow the contours of the ground for a complete seeding job. The seed boxes are driven from the chain drive transmission that has three ranges for a wide variety of seeding rates. The front box utilizes the large diameter, large flute meter with an agitator for the larger, bulky seeds.  The rear box has the 1” diameter fluted meters for precise seeding of the very fine, small seeds.

Built-In Extras

The Till N Seed offers a fully adjustable Cat. I-II three-point hitch that can be offset to accommodate tractors with a wide wheel tread. Built-in parking stands allow the Till N Seed to be safely detached from the tractor without the fear of tipping.  A built-in walk-board with step and hand rail on the rear of unit allows for easy filling of the seed boxes. Built-in tie down lugs with integral lifting points let the operator safely load and unload the unit as well as securely tie it down without damage to the machine.  A built-in calibration tray under the seed box is available for custom seed rate calibration.  The Till N Seed has built-in seed box disconnects to effectively use the lower mechanism as a light tillage device without turning the seed meters.  The Till N Seed has proven itself as a very effective thatcher/aerator with the seed boxes disengaged.

One and Done

Seed Rate Economics

Realize the true value of the Brillion Sure Stand Seeder Concept by knowing the seed variety or varieties that will be seeded. Calculating the cost your planting project is easy; just follow these simple steps: Select the recommended seeding rate for the variety.  Set the seeder to the correct setting.  Multiply the rate by the cost per pound to determine the seeding cost. Before chosing your new Brillion Seeder, it is important to know if you have the correct Brillion Seeder for your needs. While all Brillion Seeders appear to be very similar, there are distinct differences to consider before making your purchase.  Please consult the seed rate charts to see if this is the right Brillion Seeder for the varieties of seed you wish to plant.